Snaefellsnes Peninsular, Iceland.



I work mainly in oil and charcoal.

Recent work was inspired by a trip to the Faroe Islands and Iceland in July 2017. I am responding to the wild and remote environment and the atmospheric weather conditions. I am particularly stimulated by the spectacular rock formations and colours.

Another recent focus has been on steelworks - in particular the UK's two remaining plants that make steel from raw materials. These are located at Port Talbot and Scunthorpe.  I am attracted by the unusual shapes of the steelwork buildings, their weathered colours, and the drama of the steam and smoke. Their future is uncertain as they face the pressures of globalisation and so it seems timely to celebrate their intrinsic beauty.

Alongside my painting I draw portraits and the figure. Here I also use interesting forms to convey a combination of both vitality and mystery. 

Most of my career was spent as an academic, writing, researching and teaching about urban planning. I pursued my interest in art through numerous part-time courses including those at Central Saint Martins, the City Lit and the Royal Drawing School. I work from North London and South Wales.